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1985 Isuzu COA-II

Isuzu COA-2 is mid-engine test bed with an intercooled, DOHC turbo. It's Isuzu's "maybe" model. This pretty targa top, if it's ever produced, will be little Isuzu's way of one-upping Goliath Toyota's MR2. The mid-engine, 2-seater Mister Two tested the waters and found them roiling with customers for well-executed, affordably priced, real sports cars, not make-believe sporty cars. The Isuzu COA-2's edge is how it puts the power to the pavement: through all four wheels. And a 16-valve inter-cooled turbo makes sure there's plenty of oomph to go around. It was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show of 1985.

Engine & performance:

Position: mid-engined

Type: 4-cylinder, in-line, DOHC

Capacity: 1.5-litre; 2-litre

Drive: 4WD

Source: Popular Mechanics, Dec 1986; allcarindex