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1957 Lotus 1100 Spider by Ghia Aigle

The 1957 Lotus 1100 Spider is a unique collaboration between the British automaker Lotus and the Italian coachbuilder Ghia Aigle. The car was designed by Giovanni Michelotti and was based on the Lotus Eleven sports car. The Lotus 1100 Spider was intended to be a lightweight, high-performance roadster that could compete with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider and the Triumph TR3.

The Lotus 1100 Spider featured a tubular steel frame with lightweight aluminum body panels. The car was powered by a 1.1-liter Coventry Climax four-cylinder engine that produced 72 horsepower. This may not seem like much, but considering the car only weighed around 1,200 pounds, it had an impressive power-to-weight ratio for its time.

One of the most striking features of the Lotus 1100 Spider was its unique design. The car featured a long, sloping hood and a rounded rear end, with a distinctive bulge on the hood that housed the carburetor. The car also had a wraparound windscreen and wire-spoke wheels, adding to its sporty appearance.

Unfortunately, the Lotus 1100 Spider never made it into production. Only two prototypes were built; one was eventually destroyed in a crash. The surviving car is now part of a private collection and is considered one of the most significant examples of Michelotti's work.

The Lotus 1100 Spider may not have had a long production run, but its unique design and impressive performance have made it a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts. The car represents an essential collaboration between two iconic companies and is a testament to the creativity and innovation of the automotive industry in the 1950s.

Source: Lotus