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1926 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Shooting Brake

Chassis 57NC was ordered new on December 17, 1926, by Mrs. A.T. Ellis to receive double cabriolet coachwork by Gills, designed to carry six people and four pieces of luggage. This was built with the long wheelbase of 149" and the "C" specification steering rake. Mrs. Ellis was from Bexhill-on-Sea. Sir Fredrick Radcliffe of London acquired 57NC on August 13, 1932. Its next owner was G.W. Gardner, Esq from Chelmsford, Essex, who acquired it on May 28, 1934. And Commander T. Wooley of Fairford, England, was the last owner of 57NC before exporting it to the USA. Mr. Kenneth Godden bought 57NC from the Commander and shipped it to San Francisco, California, in the mid-1950s. It's understood that Mr. Godden found 57NC while serving in the military in the UK shortly after the Korean War. Mr. Godden had registered 57NC in the RROC directory from 1978 until 2014. At one point, Mr. Godden moved from Navato, CA to Austin, TX and loaded up his family, and drove the shooting brake to make the journey.

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