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1926 Rolls-Royce 20HP Shooting Brake

According to Rolls-Royce Foundation records (included with the car), this car was originally ordered as an enclosed limousine by A. Lloyd Roberts, Esq. on May 10th, 1926. The coachwork was then completed by Hooper & Co., and the car was delivered in August of 1927. The car was originally blue with black wings (fenders) and valances. Maintenance records from Rolls-Royce date into the late-1930s and show that sometime after 1934, ownership changed, and the car belonged to a D. Leigh in 1938.

After 1938, ownership is not documented for three decades, and it is believed the car was converted to a shooting brake during that time. According to the Schoellkopf Card, this possibly could have been done by Rippon Brothers Coachbuilders.