1965 Mako Shark II (XP-830)

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Bill Mitchell's design brief for the XP-830 was as follows:

"a narrow, slim, center section and coupe body, a tapered tail, an all-of-a-piece blending of the upper and lower portions of the body through the center (avoiding the look of a roof added to a body), and prominent wheels with their protective fenders distinctly separate from the main body, yet grafted organically to it."

This concept influenced the redesigned C3 Corvette of 1968. Chevrolet created two of them - only one of which was fully functional. The non-running show car sported futuristic details, such as square section side pipes and a squared-off steering wheel. This car debuted at the 1965 New York Auto Show. The second running show-car made its debut at the 1965 Paris Motor Show with more conventional steering wheel and exhaust. The car did have a retractable rear spoiler, and a square section bumper that could be extended for added protection. The Mako Shark II was powered by a 427 Mark IV engine, which became available on production Corvette models. The paint scheme was similar to the original Mako Shark, with blue/gray on top fading into silver/white at the rockers.

In 1965, the Mako Shark II was also on display 1964/5 New York World's Fair in the General Motors Futurama Pavilion.

After the show car made the rounds on the show circuit, it was returned to GM where it was dismantled. The running car would be given a reprieve and return to the show car circuit in modified form.

Source: Wikipedia