"That’s gotta be photshopped" was my natural reaction, and maybe yours, too. But indeed, the 1959 Citroen U55 Cityrama Currus was very real. It was built upon a Citroen U55 truck chassis. Apparently, it was capable of being modified and apparently used in a fashion deemed satisfactory by the workers at Groupe Cityrama.

This double-decker bus had stylishly curved, wrap-around glass on seemingly every surface – kind of like a Vista Cruiser station wagon on roids. The roof was a removable glass top used for open-air touring in the summer months.

Not only was the Cityrama Currus seen around the streets of Paris, but it was also featured in the continental movies, Le Corniaud and Zazie Dans Le Métro.

Whatever the point of building this was, I just hope they had air conditioning. It's got the glass area of a medium-sized greenhouse. Double-decker buses and sunroofs both took off, but not so much together. Would this have been a hit or miss?