25 Concept Trucks That Scream 1990s

The 1990s brought out the wildly creative side of automakers, whether they were designing a production vehicle or a one-off showoff. While digging through the Story Cars archive, these twenty-five concept trucks definitely visualize the vibrant and charged nature of this decade.


#1) 1990 Dodge LRT

Dodge had a popular hit in '78 with its Li'l Red Truck — a vehicle now in demand by collectors. It had a macho truck image and good performance from a converter-free 360-cu.-in. V8. The Mopar folks are trying to recapture some of that magic with their LRT (Little Red Truck) convertible based on the V8-powered Dakota.

#2) 1990 Ford F-150 Street

Based on a full-size F-150 model, the Street gets its don't-mess-with-me Hulk Hogan stance from a low profile and big 16-in. wheels. The truck is lowered 4 in. in front and 3 in. at the rear. The roof height is chopped 3 1/2 in. Then the suspension was set up to create a nose-down, "bad" attitude.

#3) 1990 Ford Fiesta Bebop by Ghia

Fiesta versatility was the theme in 1990, which created the Fiesta Bebop. This jazzy Fiesta-based concept was a dynamic pickup design geared to sports-minded drivers.

#4) 1990 Ford Surf

The debut of the 1990 Ford Explorer Surf Concept was at the 1990 North American International Auto Show in all its purple glory. Ford fields two concept trucks — the Surf, a no-roof, no-tailgate version of its new Explorer 4x4, and the Street, an exercise that goes head-to-head with California customs in creating a mean and nasty street image.

#5) 1990 GMC Mahalo

The Mahalo convertible pickup concept was based on the coming 1991 Sonoma compact pickup. Featuring a three-tone paint job of a coral body, accented by a diagonal sea-spray design in seafoam green, edged in white. The lowered body wore special ground effects, rear spoiler, bed cover, custom mirrors, and front air dam. The two-seat cockpit color scheme was a continuation of the exterior combination.

#6) 1990 GMC Transcend