1999 Daewoo DMS-1

The Korean company Daewoo has developed a radical modification of its Matiz city car.

The Daewoo DMS-1 concept car is characterized by the developers as a "tough and muscular" SUV for young people with an active lifestyle.

It is easy to turn it into a kind of convertible by removing the top, and if necessary (for example, to hide from the sun), a light roof can be pulled over the driver's and passengers' heads. With the rear seat folded out, the DMS-1 can carry bulky goods.

For a sense of real adventure, the car is significantly elevated from the ground, equipped with an all-wheel-drive transmission and large 16-inch wheels. But despite such an energetic look, the fantastic Daewoo, whose design, according to the press release, is made in the style of "shaved nape", is an ordinary small car with a 796 cm3 three-cylinder engine and a power of only 63 hp.

The semi-automatic transmission, of little use in off-road conditions, finally breaks the "legend" of the DMS-1 SUV, which comes standard with a stereo surround sound system, TV, front and side airbags.

If desired, for complete driving comfort, the car can be equipped with a satellite navigation system.

Sources: (context from) Autoworld, # 28, July 14, 1999 (images from) Concept Car Central