1989 Chevrolet California Camaro Iroc-Z

The design of the 1989 Chevrolet California IROC Camaro concept car offered several surprises to Camaro fans who had thought they knew the car inside and out.

The concept Camaro was given quasi-gull-wing doors that pulled upward and hauled part of the glass roofline along with them. They also shifted forward at a 45-degree angle, so you didn’t have to be a contortionist to slip into the driver or passenger seat. Seating was 2+2, just like the contemporary Camaro, and more than likely was just as cramped in the back, though the three-inch stretch in wheelbase helped some.

With both Camaro and IROC monikers attached to the car, it was a sure bet that performance wouldn’t be ignored, though the folks at GM weren’t ready for some time to name a specific powertrain for any production version. However, the prototype carried a dual over-head cam V-6, leading observers to believe that if a readable version of the California Camaro were to appear, horsepower might run in the neighborhood of 250.

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