1978 Ed Newton “RoAcH CoAcH”

A modified hot rod with bubbles for a windshield, body moldings like an insect, multiple tailpipes, and racing wheels of course.

The brainchild of RoAcH, Inc., the custom show car was designed by Ed Newton and built by Dan Woods, Don Boeke, and a band of merry men. The car was an ISC show-car for years.

After hundreds of hours, the RoAcH CoAcH was born. The debut was a monster party during the 1978 NHRA Spring Nationals. The party celebrated the opening of RoAcH, Inc.’s new 100,000 sq ft. facility, the top fuel drag racing team, the RoAcH CoAcH, and Stan Peterson’s’ wedding.

📸: www.hubgarage.com; egyptianbody.com

📚: roach-studios.com