1972 Toyota RV-2

The clamshell roof in the rear section of the RV-2 opened up to create recreational space for the four passengers, with stripy green canvas fitted for maximum practicality. It did look jazzy. Toyota reckoned four people could sleep in the RV-2, but you’d imagine they would have to know each other very well. It was the Seventies, after all.

In keeping with the racier image the RV-2 was trying to convey, Toyota fitted the car with a 2.6-liter SOHC straight-six pumping out a heady 130bhp, paired with a five-speed manual transmission. The RV-2’s top speed was said to be 118mph, although this was of course a vehicle designed to be enjoyed at a standstill.

The car appeared at the Tokyo motor show in 1972 and then the following year’s New York motor show, with Toyota poised and ready to nudge the RV-2 into production if it got a warm reception. The firm even printed up a nice brochure for the US market, but it seemed that the checkbooks weren’t quick enough to seal the deal.

📚: Sam Burnett via TopGear (8/7/20)

📸: WeirdWheels via Reddit