1972 Citroën Kar-A-Sutra

Designed with a movable roof to increase living space, the Kar-A-Sutra could grow from a driving height of 4 feet up to a stationary height of 7 feet. Once raised, the interior could be moved around as needed.

It stands as a great example of architect Bellini’s work, alongside his ultramodern building designs.

Bellini describes the Kar-A-Sutra as follows:

“To stretch out, sleep, smile, chat face-to-face, stand up, enjoy the sun, take photos, play cards, eat and drink, make love, buy a horse and a piano along the way… Forerunning the future, the car becomes a MOBILE HUMAN SPACE.”

📸/📚: Petrolicious (Michael Banovsky on 11/3/15)