1971 Ford Tridon

Ford’s experimental Tridon show vehicle was based on the 1971 Thunderbird, and on public display for the first time that year. Broad, low, and rakish, Tridon featured a long, sleek hood and forward-thrusting fenders that created a pronounced, tri-element design. In the rear, the treatment was strictly Thunderbird, with taillights deeply recessed in a broad oval frame that extended the width of the car. A depressed scoop beneath the formal “backlite” contained the controlled-ventilation exhaust vent, flanked on either side by high-level stop-turn flashers that work in conjunction with the conventional flasher flare. Turned aluminum wheels, with a circular brushed finish, were held to the wheel by bolts around the entire perimeter of the outer wheel surface. Special tires for the Tridon were designed by Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. A flush tinted skylight strip extended across the roof over the rear passengers and wrapped over the roof pillars down to the beltline. The exterior was painted with 20 coats of a murano lacquer called Moongold Mist. All exterior glass, including the skylight strip, was amber, tinted to harmonize with the paint.

📚: Chicago Auto Show

📸: Glen H. via Flickr

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