1970 Toyota EX-7

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The EX-7 was a 2-seater concept car made by Toyota and shown during the 1970 Tokyo Motor Show. It was an experiment (hence 'EX') to see what a supercar based on the Toyota 7 (hence '-7') race car would be like.

The mid-mounted 5 L engine was similar to the Toyota 7 engine except that EX-7 did not have turbochargers. The Toyota 7 had 800 bhp but the EX-7 was detuned down to 450 PS for road use. The transmission was by a manual gearbox as part of a transaxle.

Double wishbone independent suspension was on all 4 wheels and vented disc brakes were used on both the front and rear. The body shape was similar to that of other supercars of the time, like the Mercedes C111, with a long flat nose blended into a long windscreen and a high rear with a vertical cutoff. The doors were shaped like a typical gull-wing door but unusually the hinge was at the rear of the roof section of the door and each door opened to the rear.

Source: CarStyling, Pinterest, & Flickr