1969 AMC AMX-400

It's a little-known fact that George Barris tried to capitalize on the two-seater AMX's like-no-other-car look by offering mildly customized versions of the AMC sports car. That effort went nowhere, but Barris did enjoy quite a bit more publicity with another AMX customization, what AMCers now refer to as the Banacek AMX or the AMX-400. Built for one episode of the early 1970s TV detective show Banacek, in which the title character investigates the disappearance of Project Phoenix, a prototype automobile, Barris not only chopped the roof of the 390-powered 1969 AMX by four and a half inches but also lengthened the schnoz 15 inches and added a louvered grille and matching rear strakes.

📚: 9/16/09 by Daniel Strohl (via Hemmings)

📸: Mecum Auctions