1966 The Munster’s DRAG-U-LA

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

DRAG-U-LA, along with the Munster Koach, was one of two cars on the television show The Munsters designed by prolific show car designer Tom Daniel while working for George Barris and Barris Kustom Industries.

On The Munsters television series, the car was created by Grandpa Munster so he could win back the Munster Koach, which Herman had lost in a drag race in the episode "Hot Rod Herman".

The 1966 movie “Munster, Go Home!” features an alternate origin. After Herman crashes a Jaguar limousine owned (and raced) by the Munster family of England, Grandpa builds the DRAG-U-LA, using the motor from the Munster Koach, so Herman can drive it in a cross-country automobile race.

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