1962 Ford Seattle-ite XXI

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Ford's second atomic car entry was unveiled on April 20, 1962, at the Seattle World's Fair. The show car contained a lot of pipe-dream technology that has become commonplace today, including interactive computer navigation, mapping, and auto information systems, and it featured an interchangeable fuel cell and bodywork. One technology that didn't make it from concept to reality was its power source: a compact nuclear propulsion device. The car also featured six wheels for enhanced traction and fingertip steering, neither of which seem to be catching on today, either.

One of the most interesting things about this concept (besides its atomic power) was that it was a kind of modular car. The front of the car was meant to break away from the passenger compartment, transforming a large car into an economic capsule for running around town. Automakers and individual design houses have been fiddling with the idea of a modular car for decades – it remains a fascination to this day.

Sources: Autoblog, OldConceptCars