1960 Innocenti Ghia IXG Dragster

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The 1960 “International Experimental Ghia” was an enclosed body dragster designed by Tom Tjaarda working at the Turin, Italy Ghia studio. You can see the Stingray-ish styling cues of the horizontal sharp line going down the body, and the humps at each wheel. The IXG was to set <1000cc drag racing records and incorporated under-car aerodynamics several years before Jim Hall and the Chaparral team brought them to Can-Am.

It has a front engine and has a center seat canopy behind the rear axle.

I wish I knew more about the car’s specifications, like what powered it. I couldn’t find much beyond these great factory archive pictures, but I do know Ford sold the car at auction in 2002.

Source: CarStyling.ru