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2023 Canoo American Bulldog Concept Truck

American electric vehicle startup Canoo has unleashed its latest creation, the American Bulldog, a robust electric pickup with a military-inspired design. This bold iteration is based on the Canoo Pickup Truck, which garnered attention two and a half years ago. The original model, with its cabover cab and versatile features, was adapted for use by the US Department of Defense, resulting in the American Bulldog.

Design and Features:

The American Bulldog exhibits a more aggressive appearance compared to its predecessor, featuring squared wheel arches, simplified optics, protective sidewall pads, and heavy-duty steel bumpers. The two-row cab is a distinctive feature, and the fixed, waterproofed body is equipped with robust fastenings for heavy loads and removable sides for challenging terrains. The interior embraces a rugged design, complete with hanging canvas bags on the doors.

Technical Specifications:

Unfortunately, specific technical details about the American Bulldog are not disclosed by Canoo. However, it's known that the military version is all-wheel drive, with a twin-engine power plant producing around 600 horsepower. In contrast, the civilian Canoo Pickup Truck can be single-engine and rear-wheel drive.

Production and Sales:

Canoo is currently accepting pre-orders for the Pickup Truck on its website, but the timeline for production and sales remains unclear. The company is currently focused on fulfilling orders for electric vans, with around 20,000 orders in the pipeline. Once the van production is streamlined, Canoo intends to introduce pickup trucks to the market.

Tony Aquila's Perspective:

Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman and CEO of Canoo, emphasizes the American spirit and innovation embodied in the Bulldog. He states, "Like the American Bulldog, this vehicle is loyal and courageous. It’s woven into the American spirit and reflects this country’s innovation."

The American Bulldog, born from real-world military testing, stands as a testament to Canoo's commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility, delivering a powerful blend of form, function, and American resilience.

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