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2002 Tata Indiva Concept by I.DE.A

The 2002 Tata Indiva by I.DE.A is a compact 7-seater concept vehicle based on the Tata Indica, designed and developed by the I.DE.A Institute. Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2002, this concept aimed to meet Tata's goal of creating a spacious yet compact 7-seater vehicle with a length of less than 4.3 meters. The design focused on providing a pleasurable traveling experience for passengers while incorporating flexible interior layout options adaptable to various uses.

Exterior Design: The Tata Indiva boasts highly characteristic exterior styling with ample glazed surfaces, offering a glimpse into the spacious and airy interior. One notable feature is the continuous windscreen extending seamlessly onto the roof panel, creating a permanent sunroof and harmoniously blending the interior and exterior styling. The overall design reflects Tata's traditional aesthetics, including the distinctive kick-up of the belt line at the rear, first seen on the Indica hatchback. Despite its one-box shape, the Indiva maintains a compact appearance, with a separate hood area emphasizing the front end's distinctiveness. The front grille, a signature of Tata's brand identity, is positioned higher, giving the Indiva its unique character. The headlights are seamlessly integrated into the design, contributing to the vehicle's smooth and aerodynamic shape.

Interior Layout: Inside, the Tata Indiva offers a flexible interior layout designed to enhance passenger comfort and adaptability. The concept prioritizes safety considerations, anticipating future standards for pedestrian safety in the event of an accident. The airy and spacious cabin provides a pleasant environment for passengers, with ample seating and storage options. The rear hatch features a wide aperture for easy loading and unloading, while the innovative use of LED technology in the rear light units visually widens the vehicle's appearance.

The Tata Indiva concept by I.DE.A represents a forward-thinking approach to compact multi-seater vehicles, combining innovative design elements with practicality and safety features. With its distinctive styling and versatile interior, the Indiva showcases Tata's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers in the automotive market.

Source & Images: Tata