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2002 Lada Carat Concept

The 2002 Lada Carat concept car made its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show and later received recognition at the tenth All-Russian exhibition competition "Autodesign-2002," where it was honored as the best work in the field of "Design of Transport Means" and awarded the silver "Victoria" prize. Designed by Yuri Vereshchagin, who also contributed to the first Oka project, the Carat represents one of the iterations of the promising Oka XXI, signaling a departure from the small dimensions of its predecessors. With a length of 3500 mm, width of 1520 mm, height of 1610 mm, and a wheelbase of 2300 mm, the Carat boasts a more substantial size. It is equipped with a 65 hp engine as part of AvtoVAZ's corporate strategy to diversify its model range following the introduction of the long-anticipated Kalina.

Source & Images: AVTOVAZ