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2002 GMC Terra 4 Concept Truck

Introducing the 2002 GMC Terra4 Concept Truck: a game-changer in the world of utility vehicles. With its unconventional design featuring a fully integrated body and a compact yet spacious cargo area, the Terra4 offers functionality and versatility beyond that of a traditional pickup truck. The rear quarter panel doors provide easy access to the enclosed cargo space, while the passenger cab is cleverly positioned forward, creating additional interior cargo room behind the second-row seats.

But it's not just about looks – the Terra4 is packed with features to satisfy even the most discerning customers. This concept truck combines the efficiency and power of a parallel hybrid V-8 engine with the maneuverability of GM's exclusive four-wheel steering system. Derived from GM's innovative Parallel Hybrid Truck, the Terra4's powertrain boasts a potent combination of a 285hp, 5.3-liter VORTEC V-8 gasoline engine and a robust electric motor/generator. The integration of a 4.8-kilowatt motor/generator into the drivetrain ensures ample starting power and the ability to generate electricity during deceleration, all while eliminating the need for a conventional starter and alternator.

At the GMC stand, you'll find the Terra4 concept pickup truck, showcasing a design evolution from the angular style of previous concepts like the Terradyne and Terracross. This concept signals a departure from Chevrolet's design language, showcasing GMC's distinct aesthetic direction. The Terra4 exemplifies the capability of a pickup truck with its sliding aluminum panel covering the short yet deep cargo body, along with convenient side doors above the rear wheels for easier loading of luggage. Get ready to redefine your expectations of utility vehicles with the groundbreaking 2002 GMC Terra4 Concept Truck.

Source & Images: GMC

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