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2002 EDAG Keinath GT/C Cabriolet

At the 2002 Geneva International Motor Show, EDAG Engineering + Design AG unveiled the Keinath GT/C Cabriolet, the convertible version of their successful coupe, marking another highlight in the realm of exclusive sports cars. One year after the premiere of the Keinath GT/C, the designers led by Johannes Barckmann presented this convertible iteration, maintaining the essence and design integrity of the original coupe.

The design team, led by Johannes Barckmann, had envisioned the convertible version from the outset of the GT/C's conception and design process. Their objective was clear: to transfer the distinctive look of the GT/C seamlessly to the convertible variant without any formal compromises. Elements such as the discreetly rolling side-view, muscular wheel arches, bold headlights, and distinctive rear remained unchanged, ensuring continuity and familiarity for GT/C enthusiasts.

Formal aspects, including the passenger area of the coupe, facilitated a smooth conversion into the convertible version without compromising stylistic integrity. The convertible top compartment ensured a precise fit of the convertible top, enhancing the elegant side-view of the GT/C Convertible, which seamlessly blended classical and modern sports car aesthetics.

Simplicity was a guiding principle in the design of the Keinath Convertible, with no overroll bars or unnecessary seams interrupting its clean lines. The soft top, preferred over a modern folding top, preserved the vehicle's harmonious unity and classical character. Additionally, a storage compartment behind the front seats provided practicality for luggage storage.

Despite its elegant appearance, the Keinath Convertible delivered on its sporty promises. Equipped with a 218 HP 6-cylinder engine as standard, it accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.3 seconds, offering a spirited driving experience. For enthusiasts seeking more power, an alternative V8 engine option with 340 HP was available. The chassis, developed by Horst Keinath for the coupe, provided the necessary rigidity and security for road operation.

Horst Keinath entrusted EDAG Engineering + Design AG with the exterior design of the Keinath GT/C, showcasing their competence in design and model creation. Johannes Barckmann highlighted EDAG's capability in design projects, emphasizing their collaboration with the automotive industry since 1989. The Keinath GT/C Convertible underscored EDAG's prowess in delivering creative and market-ready design solutions within the European automotive landscape.

Source & Images: EDAG