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2001 Volvo SCC Concept

The 2001 Volvo SCC Concept, standing for Safety Concept Car, made a significant appearance at the international motor show with its focus on innovative passive safety features. The concept aimed to enhance the driver's visual experience, understanding that over 90% of crucial information is acquired visually through windows and windshields. The design prioritized superior vision, utilizing technologies that improve personal security and passive safety systems.

The SCC showcased various groundbreaking features to enhance visibility and safety. The A-posts were made transparent using see-through Plexiglas in a steel box construction, allowing the driver to see through them. The B-posts curved inwards at the top to provide an unobstructed field of vision to the offset rear. Sensors embedded in door mirrors and the rear bumper alerted the driver to approaching traffic in the blind spot.

The SCC employed advanced technologies to further optimize the driver's view. Upon the driver's seating, a sensor identified the eye location, and the seat automatically adjusted to provide the best field of vision. Pedals, steering wheel, and center console were then moved to their appropriate positions automatically. The concept also incorporated "transparent" front roof pillars, designed in a lattice structure, while B-pillars were concave inside the cabin.

For safety enhancements, radar and television cameras monitored blind spots, headlights adapted to road conditions, a forward-facing camera monitored the car's position on the road, and an infrared light enhancer improved night-time vision. The SCC also featured an external airbag for pedestrian safety.

While the Volvo SCC was a concept car and not slated for production, many of its technological innovations were expected to influence future Volvo models, highlighting the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive safety. The concept served as a vision for the future of safety in Volvo cars, emphasizing the brand's dedication to intelligent and sensible utilization of advanced technologies to benefit the customers.

Source & Images: Volvo