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2001 Toyota FXS Concept

The 2001 Toyota FXS Concept is a captivating roadster designed with a classic approach featuring two seats, rear-wheel drive, a front-based engine, and a 6-speed manual transmission. With dimensions measuring 4150x1870x1110 mm and a wheelbase of 2500 mm, the FXS embodies a sleek and aerodynamic design. The interior is luxuriously adorned with leather and chrome, providing a rich and stylish ambiance.

Powered by a 4.3-liter V8 engine inherited from the Toyota Soarer, the FXS promises a dynamic performance with 280 horsepower. The car showcases a well-balanced weight distribution of 50/50, contributing to its sports car characteristics. The aerodynamic silhouette is not just for show, as the fully running concept requires downforce, evidenced by a functional diffuser and a flat bottom.

The FXS name stands for Future Experimental Sports, reflecting Toyota's exploration of experimental sports car designs for the future. While the concept is built on the platform of the Toyota Soarer, it seeks to pay tribute to European sports cars of the mid-twentieth century, combining neo-futuristic elements with classic roadster lines.

The interior of the FXS is both futuristic and functional, featuring a two-spoke steering wheel and a chrome-heavy design. The car incorporates modern technology, including Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones. The European premiere of the FXS at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show garnered a warm reception, although it was clear that the concept was more of a tribute than a production-ready vehicle.

In terms of performance, the FXS has potential competition with cars like the BMW Z8, Honda S2000, or Chevrolet Corvette, positioning itself as a serious roadster. With a low center of gravity and an innovative double wishbone suspension setup, the FXS demonstrates Toyota's intention to delve into the performance vehicle market.

While the FXS remains a concept, it serves as a sign that Toyota is eager to enter the realm of serious roadsters and acknowledges the absence of performance vehicles in its lineup.

Source: Mikhail Vasiliev "Tokyo-2001" (MOTOR Magazine 12 2001),, submitted by Richard Owen; In Detail information for 2001 Toyota FXS Concept.

Images: Toyota

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