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2001 Saab 9X Concept by Bertone

The Saab 9X Concept, unveiled at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show, represented a bold departure from conventional car designs. Crafted by Michael Mauer and Anthony Lo, this concept car was not just about raw speed; it was a shape-shifting marvel that captured attention with its innovative features.

Underneath its sleek exterior, the Saab 9X boasted a turbocharged V6 engine, delivering a 0 to 60 acceleration in a brisk 5.8 seconds. The experimental three-liter V6, generating 300 horsepower, promised a thrilling driving experience with a 6-speed manual transmission.

What truly set the Saab 9X apart was its ability to transform into four distinct body layouts: Coupe 2+2 Format, Roadster Format, Wagon Format, and Pickup Format. This transformation was made possible by movable glass roof panels, a telescopic sliding floor, and a folding tailgate. The design, masterminded by Michael Mauer in his inaugural Saab project, seamlessly integrated these features, making it a standout in the automotive landscape.

In its default configuration, the Saab 9X was a sleek four-seater coupe. Folding the rear seats transformed it into a practical station wagon. Manual removal of the roof panels made it an open roadster. Pressing a button initiated a fascinating metamorphosis, turning it into a pickup truck with an extended body floor.

Beneath its innovative exterior, the Saab 9X featured a transversely positioned engine, ensuring optimal weight distribution and a low center of gravity. The 2700mm wheelbase and 19-inch wheels emphasized its sports car credentials. The cabin, dominated by an aviation theme, showcased features like a center console hiding the transmission tunnel.

While the Saab 9X never entered mass production, its legacy endures. It challenged norms, showcasing the potential for versatile and adaptive vehicles. The Saab 9X, a concept born out of audacious design choices, remains a testament to Saab's commitment to pushing the boundaries in the pursuit of automotive excellence.

Source & Images: SAAB AUTOMOBILE AB.