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2001 Opel Filo Concept by Bertone

The 2001 Opel Filo Concept, developed in collaboration with Bertone, stands out as a visionary exploration into the future of automotive design, embracing the innovative concept of mechatronics. This technology involves an intelligent electronic control unit managing various mechanical devices, enabling a radical redefinition of the car's interior environment and revolutionizing user interaction with the vehicle and its surroundings.

Built on the platform of the Opel Zafira compact van, the Filo concept introduces groundbreaking features, particularly in its utilization of 'drive by wire' technology, engineered by SKF. This advancement eliminates traditional rigid mechanical connections for the steering mechanism, engine, brakes, and gearbox, allowing these crucial components to be controlled solely by wire. The vehicle boasts an "electronic" steering wheel with buttons and control keys concentrated for all vehicle systems. Gear selection is achieved through buttons, reminiscent of Formula 1 cars, while acceleration and braking are managed by rotary handles on the sides of the steering wheel.

Translated from Italian, "filo" means "wire," and the Filo concept embodies this essence by revolutionizing the traditional controls and interfaces in a car. The absence of a steering column and pedals results in a unique and relaxing driving position, resembling more of a comfortable living space than a conventional car interior.

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