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2001 Nissan Nails Concept Truck

The 2001 Nissan Nails Concept Truck redefines compact pickup design with an emphasis on efficient space utilization and a bold, robust aesthetic. Positioned at the four corners, the wheels/tires maximize space within the compact body, portraying a sense of boldness. The pickup styling features a distinctive construction, utilizing an A-shaped cabin frame on a low floor that extends along the length of the bed. Body panels, including the hood, fenders, and doors, are treated to withstand rough use, minimizing concerns about scratches or dents.

Designed for versatility, the Nails Concept facilitates the easy transport of large, heavy items such as surfboards or off-road bikes, thanks to its flat bed and foldable rear gate. The flat floor connecting the bed and the cabin allows for the effortless transportation of long items. A soft rear partition, operated by hooks and fasteners, can be opened or closed between the cabin and the bed.

Engineered with the theme of "booster," the Nails Concept suggests innovative ways to use vehicles as a tool for communication and friendship, going beyond traditional transportation. Integrating advanced communication tools, including cellular phones, the concept can function as a dynamic two-seater or a light pickup, catering to various creative needs. The Nails Concept boasts an eye-catching design, with deliberately rugged materials to eliminate concerns about wear and tear, even featuring rubber-coated wheel rims.

The city pickup truck's profile resembles a house on a low platform with sides, akin to a tent with a balcony. The soft canopy separating the cabin and the balcony can be folded back, allowing access from the cabin tent to the balcony-body. The interior aligns with the rugged exterior, featuring rubberized elements such as the steering wheel and a unique double seat designed like two sliding combs that interlock with changing width. The Nails Concept, equipped with a QG15DE engine, automatic 4-speed transmission, front-wheel drive, and double wishbone suspension, presents a serious yet intriguing vision for urban mobility, leaving a lasting impression on onlookers.

Source & Images: Nissan

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