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2001 Lincoln MK9 Concept

The Lincoln MK9 Concept, unveiled in 2001, marked a significant moment for Lincoln as it presented a vision for the future and introduced a fresh naming convention for the brand. The concept car featured a distinctive design with a prominent waterfall grille adorned with a central Lincoln emblem. Notable exterior elements included two full-length chrome accents on the vehicle's shoulders and chrome-accented air vents near the doors on the front fenders.

Setting a new direction for Lincoln's nomenclature, the MK9 departed from traditional names like the Mark series and introduced a combination of letters and numbers, aligning with the conventions of luxury automakers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. This change emphasized a departure from referencing engine sizes in the model names.

Visually, the MK9 concept carried the essence of the Lincoln Mark series but exhibited proportions reminiscent of the Thunderbird, all while boasting an extended wheelbase. With a low roof standing at just 56 inches, the silhouette of the greenhouse featured smooth lines. The side profile incorporated a brushed aluminum door hinge, accentuating a side air exhaust from the engine compartment. The rear design paid homage to the classic four-door Continentals of 1961-67.

Inside the MK9, the interior showcased a striking combination of Dark Cherry Red and Marlboro Red leathers, complemented by accents of polished metal. The incorporation of Dark Cherry saddle leather on the floor and white leather in the headliner added a touch of elegance. Noteworthy design elements included front seats inspired by the mid-20th Century American classic, the Eames Lounge Chair, designed for optimal comfort and cantilevered off the center console to enhance passenger footroom.

The conceptual continuity between the exterior and interior was evident in features like body-colored seat shells and horizontal chrome finishers. The symmetrical and clean dashboard design featured etched glass instruments crafted with jewel-like quality and indirect illumination.

While technical specifications are limited, the MK9 Concept showcased its distinct style on 22-inch wheels with front tires sized at P275/45/R22 and rear tires at P295/40/R22. The wheelbase measured 3095 mm, with an overall length of 5260 mm, width of 1950 mm, and height of 1423 mm.

This unique concept vehicle represented Lincoln's forward-thinking approach, blending classic design elements with modern luxury and setting the stage for the brand's evolving identity.

Images: Ford Motor Company

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