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2001 Daihatsu UFE Concept

Daihatsu, a champion of the compact car, unveiled the UFE Concept in 2001, showcasing their commitment to fuel efficiency and environmental responsibility. This car wasn't just a concept; it was a testament to Daihatsu's decades-long experience in electric vehicles, setting a new standard for ultra fuel economy.

Fuel Efficiency Champion:

  • Unmatched Aerodynamics: The UFE achieved a drag coefficient of 0.25, placing it among the world's most aerodynamic cars.

  • Lightweight Construction: Extensive use of resin composite body and aluminum components resulted in an ultralight weight of 630 kg, further boosting fuel economy.

  • Advanced Hybrid System: A two-motor hybrid system with a direct injection gasoline engine delivered exceptional efficiency.

  • Additional Efficiency Features: Twin-bulb HID headlights, LED taillights, low rolling resistance tires, and regenerative braking all contributed to maximizing fuel economy.

The result? An astonishing 55 km/liter fuel efficiency, a testament to the collective effort of all the advanced technologies employed.

Beyond Efficiency: Power and Safety:

  • Hybrid Powertrain: The UFE's hybrid system seamlessly switched between electric-only, series, and parallel modes based on driving conditions, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and power delivery.

  • Regenerative Braking: This system captured kinetic energy during braking and converted it into electricity for the battery, further enhancing efficiency in urban environments.

  • Safety Focus: The UFE was packed with innovative safety features, including active braking systems, night vision, and advanced front lighting. Additionally, it boasted a robust impact-safe body structure and various airbag systems for occupant protection.