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2001 Alfa Romeo Vola by Fioravanti

In 2001, Fioravanti introduced the Alfa Romeo Vola, showcasing a revolutionary approach to the ever-relevant topic of removable solid roofs in sports cars. Addressing the complexity of existing solutions, Fioravanti proposed a groundbreaking rotating roof concept with a remarkably simple design.

The "LF" concept ingeniously positions the roof on top of the trunk, offering practical advantages in terms of weight, luggage space, and ease of operation. Whether open or closed, the car's barycenter experiences only a slight variation. The aesthetic solution chosen for the Alfa Romeo reflects the patent's core principle: the rotation axis of the roof aligns with that of the trunk axis.

Supported by a carbon fiber frame, the roof features a variable transparent plastic for sun protection and rear visibility. It can be operated manually or automatically, and when in the open position, the rear window area serves as an anti-turbulence device by rotating on itself.

Distinctive Alfa Romeo elements are evident in the design, including the "Alfa trilobation" and elongated fog lamps that double as indicators and emergency lights. The innovative rear/indicator lights emerge from the rotating roof element, complementing the high, thin, and separate tail lights that are characteristic of Alfa Romeo.

Internally, the design principles prioritize symmetry and component reduction. The "canoe" elements house identical seats, instruments, pedals, and steering wheel on the driver's side, while the passenger side features a seat and airbag glove box. Door panels follow a symmetrical design, incorporating a unique armrest, opening handle, and air outlet.

The interior's main instruments are three-dimensionally illuminated and positioned alongside the rearview display. The carbon fiber steering wheel, partially wrapped in leather, includes F1 gear shifts. A multi-functional display between the "canoes" integrates GPS, telephone, climate controls, roof operation, and additional functions, embodying a holistic approach to innovation in both design and functionality.

Source & Images: Fioravanti

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