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2000 Toyota Yaris Cabrio Concept

The Toyota Yaris Cabrio Concept, an extension of the award-winning Yaris Car of the Year, was introduced to provide an educational exploration of its stylish and modern design, offering a glimpse into potential new additions to the Yaris family.

Emphasizing the freedom and self-confidence of the younger generation at that time, the Yaris Cabrio was crafted to bring enjoyment to city streets, sunshine, and leisurely days with the wind in one's hair, all while maintaining practicality. As the only convertible in its class that looked as natural with its hood up as it did down, the Cabrio featured a speedster-inspired design, with a roof line seamlessly extending from the steeply raked A-pillar and rising haunches exuding power and tension.

The transformation of the 'fashionable' Yaris image into something more masculine and aggressive represented a noteworthy shift without becoming overly flashy. While clearly targeting younger customers of that era, the Yaris Cabrio introduced a new level of freshness that resonated throughout the Toyota model range, reflecting a unique blend of style, practicality, and youthful exuberance. The Cabrio Concept served as an educational showcase of Toyota's commitment to innovation and design excellence during that period.

Source & Images: Toyota

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