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2000 Sbarro Citroën Berlingo Croisière Jeune

In the year 2000, Sbarro introduced the Citroën Berlingo Croisière Jeune, an extended version of the first-generation Berlingo van with dual rear wheels that could also be tracked, presenting a distinct and unconventional automotive challenge. This project was a testament to the innovative spirit of the students from the “Institut supérieur de formation aux métiers de conception,” who showcased their work at the Paris Motor Show.

This unique vehicle, a recreation of the iconic Citroën from the «Croisière Jaune», was a playful nod to the audacious Gauls who embraced the concept of a six-wheeled vehicle. In an era where six-wheeled Mercedes G-Class cars commanded high values, the Berlingo Croisière Jeune emerged as a quirky and exciting alternative.

Source & Images: Citroën