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2000 Oldsmobile Alero OSV Concept

The Oldsmobile Alero OSV (Oldsmobile Special Vehicle) Concept of 2000 was a distinctive manifestation of Oldsmobile's effort to appeal to the enthusiast market during its concluding years. The Alero coupe, one of Oldsmobile's more popular models, served as the canvas for the OSV treatment, showcasing the potential for a performance-oriented version that never came to fruition. Like its OSV counterparts, the Alero OSV featured a striking candy apple red paint scheme and custom ground effects, creating a cohesive aesthetic across the OSV lineup. Under the hood, the Alero OSV differed from the Intrigue, housing a supercharged version of its 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that generated 230 horsepower. The coupe's upgrades mirrored those of the Intrigue OSV, including Recaro seats for added sportiness. While the Alero OSV concept embodied the promise of a more spirited iteration of Oldsmobile's popular coupe, the OSV project, unfortunately, remained confined to the realm of prototypes, coinciding with the ultimate closure of Oldsmobile in 2004. The Alero OSV stands as a testament to Oldsmobile's attempt to infuse performance elements into its lineup during the brand's final years.

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Source: DrivingLine

Images: OldConceptCars

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