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2000 Fioravanti Tris Concept

Fioravanti's 2000 Tris Concept offers a fresh take on vehicle design, focusing on simplicity and cost-efficiency. The concept, developed in collaboration with "Nyce," rethinks how components are identified, using functions instead of traditional numbering systems for doors, headlamps, tail-lights, bumpers, and the protective framework structure.

The Tris stands out with its symmetric design, featuring sliding doors that open in both directions. This design aims to provide a practical and affordable solution for SUVs in various markets. The prototype's dimensions are 4430x1720x1550 mm, with a wheelbase of 2250 mm.

The notable aspect is the reduction in components, offering a departure from conventional automotive design philosophies. This shift towards simplicity and adaptability aligns with the evolving automotive industry. Fioravanti acknowledges Cecomp Spa for their collaboration in bringing the prototype to life.

Source:; Denis Orlov "Salon for the initiated", Magazine "MOTOR" N51

Images: Fioravanti