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2000 Chrysler Panel Cruiser Concept

Practicality meets style in the 2000 Chrysler Panel Cruiser Concept, a versatile reinterpretation of the iconic PT Cruiser that's not just a vehicle – it's a cargo-carrying marvel. Unveiled at the North American International Auto Show, this concept truck showcases a fresh take on functionality while paying homage to the distinctive Chrysler heritage.

Kenneth Carlson, Design Manager at DaimlerChrysler, shared the inspiration behind the Panel Cruiser: "We set out to design a more cargovan-like vehicle based on the PT Cruiser, utilizing its abundant interior space while maintaining its clean, contemporary lines and youthful appearance."

Measuring in at a compact 168.8 inches, the Panel Cruiser boasts nimble city handling and stress-free parking, but don't let its size fool you. Inside, it packs a punch with 119.8 cubic feet of cargo space – rivaling that of a full-size sedan. The rear cargo area features a practical wood floor with cargo straps, providing a versatile space for anything from dog kennels to antique armoires.

Jeff Godshall, Senior Design Manager, highlighted the simplicity of the interior, stating, "By creating a simple rear cargo space with features similar to those found in moving vans, such as wood floors and cargo straps, we invite a multitude of imaginative uses by the owner."