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2000 Cadillac Imaj Concept

The 2000 Cadillac Imaj Concept made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, embodying Cadillac's Art and Science design philosophy. A luxurious liftback with a continuation of sharp edges from the preceding Evoq concept, the Imaj concept sought to push the boundaries of design and technology for the brand.

The heart of the Imaj Concept lay under its hood, where a 4.2 L Northstar V8 engine with 32 valves and a supercharger produced an impressive 425 horsepower (312.5 kW). This power was transferred to all four wheels through a new five-speed automatic transmission, creating an all-wheel-drive powertrain that promised exhilarating performance.

In terms of features and technology, the Cadillac Imaj Concept showcased an array of cutting-edge innovations:

  1. Automotive Night Vision: The Imaj incorporated Cadillac's Night Vision system, enhancing safety with obstacle alert signals that worked both in front and rear directions.

  2. Automotive Head-Up Display: A head-up display provided vital information to the driver, ensuring that important details were accessible without diverting attention from the road.

  3. Autonomous Cruise Control System: The concept was equipped with adaptive cruise control, capable of managing following distances at highway speeds and even alerting the driver to potential issues.

  4. Infotainment and Comfort: The Imaj provided "first-class" seating for all four passengers, complete with infotainment systems, rear seat display screens, and individual control over ventilated seats. Rear seats were designed for comfort, offering reclining features and articulating footrests.

  5. Advanced Safety and Security: The concept demonstrated Cadillac's commitment to safety with features like Biometric Security based on fingerprints, active suspension/aerodynamics through the next-generation Stabilitrak system, accident avoidance technology, and run-flat tires.

The exterior of the Imaj Concept was characterized by its sharp lines and angles, in line with Cadillac's Art and Science design philosophy. It drew inspiration from the preceding Evoq concept, showcasing Cadillac's vision of being an American automotive leader in design and innovative technology.

Overall, the 2000 Cadillac Imaj Concept encapsulated Cadillac's pursuit of marrying high-performance engineering with cutting-edge technology and luxurious design, offering a glimpse into the brand's future direction.