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1997 Toyota

The 1997 Toyota e-com is a concept car that was unveiled at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show. It is a compact, two-passenger vehicle with a total length of 2.79m. It can run for 100km on a single charge and produces no emissions. The e-com is quiet, features excellent maneuverability, and can be parked in tiny spaces, making it an extremely convenient vehicle. In addition, the e-com can be charged using household 100V AC, offering a new form of convenient, urban transport.

Painted silver with a blue roof, fenders, and bumpers, the tiny egg-shaped Toyota "" concept car brought smiles to people who attended the 1998 Chicago show. Stored under the floor of the electric vehicle (EV) prototype were 24 sealed nickel-metal hydrides (NiMH) batteries linked together to produce 288 volts and offered approximately a 60-mile range. The e-com made a second appearance the following year during the 1999 Chicago event. Still, this time the vehicle was painted in a 2-tone combination of silver with green accented roof and body panels.


Images: Toyota Motor Corporation.

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