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1996 Lamborghini Raptor

Zagato launched an exciting new sportscar on the occasion of the 1996 Geneva Show. A World Premiere, the Raptor is a provocative styling proposal powered by Lamborghini’s classic V12. The Raptor project has revolutionized the company’s decades-long expertise in constructing entirely functioning running concepts. CAD-CAM development has been integrated from the outset, effectively eliminating the need for the traditional styling model and enabling the prototype to be completed in under one month.

The car features a novel modular cockpit layout with a front-hinged, one-piece greenhouse section which includes the doors, windscreen, and the company’s famous double-bubble roofline. From a traditional two-seater coupé, the Raptor can be transformed into a two-seater Barchetta or a racing-style open single-seater incorporating a unique metal tonneau cover over the passenger’s seat. The Raptor stands out for its particularly aggressive front and the sculpted sides that rise over the rear wheel arch to form small fins. That, along with the crisp crease in the waistline, gives the idea of speed and fluency.

Following on in Zagato’s long tradition of memorable show cars, the Raptor is no mere dream car but a thoroughly practical and feasible production proposition. The Zagato Styling Centre (SZ Design) has developed the Raptor to ensure it could be built as a limited series. From the innovative tubular and box section chassis to the exciting interior styling, the Raptor concentrates on advanced design and engineering.

Fully certifiable for the road, this ultra-high performance, mid-engined sports coupé uses a powerful 5.7 liter V12 driving all four wheels. Lamborghini carried out tests on the Raptor, after which it appeared at Pebble Beach celebrating the Zagato marque.

Images: Zagato