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1996 Ford Lynx

The Ghia Lynx Concept made its debut at the 1996 Geneva Motor Show. It was a sleek two-door sports coupe with unique fixed arches that formed the side window frames and a track for a retractable roof. With the roof stored in the rear compartment, the Ghia Lynx was a fully open sports car.

Based on the new Fiesta at the time, the Ghia Lynx was proposed for low-volume production. Its wheelbase was stretched considerably over the standard Fiesta’s, and its demeanor was sleek and low-profile. It had five-spoke alloy wheels and 17-inch tires. The interior shares many elements with the production Fiesta of the period.

Just as the Ghia Saetta broke the dying path for the radical new Ka, so the 1996 Lynx forthcoming Fiesta-based Puma coupe. One element lost in production also formed tile side window frames and guides for a fold-away roof.

Source: Ford Media Site; AUTO LEMON

Images: Ford Motor Company

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