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1996 Fioravanti Nyce

One of the most interesting niche markets to have developed in recent years is that of leisure vehicles. Fioravanti has designed a car that is fun whatever you use it for, from toting cumbersome loads to zapping around crowded city streets. This is a special kind of vehicle and it"s extremely compact, simple and, above all, economical - both to build and run.

We gave it a mass-produced floorpan and mechanicals, a multi-functional body, plenty of the right kind of personality, and made it cost as little as possible. We, therefore, designed a door that can be assembled on both sides of the vehicle, thereby eliminating an expensive piece of equipment.

This was made possible because whichever side of the car a person gets in from, right or left, the movements made are identical and require identically shaped and sized spaces, which can be closed off by identical doors.

The criterion of symmetry, in its turn, meant we had to design a door that opened both ways, which incidentally provided improved access to the passenger cell.

The central axis has the instruments: the climatizing controls - a music area - a switch area - the gearstick, and the new site for the handbrake. The transverse axes hold large: low-speed air vents - the passenger airbag - and a series of ample cubby areas in a ware-shaped unit.

The rear bay floor is designed to facilitate bicycle loading, and there are special racks for surfboards, snowboards, and mountain bikes. The bay also holds the back seats, which can be taken out with the help of two handles.

The vehicle has a soft top at the front that is easy to fold and rests on the roll-bar and a rear one with flexible, transparent panels for the sides and rear. There is also a hardtop to improve closure against inclement weather during the winter season.

Images: Fioravanti