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1996 Dodge Intrepid ESX

In 1993, the Chrysler Corporation responded to a challenge by U.S. President Bill Clinton to produce a vehicle capable of meeting the demands of the modern consumer while still achieving an unprecedented 80 mpg overall in fuel economy. The PNGV - Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles project was aimed at The Big Three American car manufacturers.

The second-generation Dodge Intrepid appeared at the 1996 Chicago Auto Show in concept form. Called the Dodge Intrepid ESX, the dream car featured an aluminum body and was constructed by Reynard Racing Cars in Great Britain. Ahead of its time in more than styling, it featured a hybrid propulsion system with a three-cylinder diesel and two electric motors for a combined rating of 245 horsepower. When the production Intrepid bowed for the 1998 model year, it was relatively sedate by comparison, with only a V-6 gas engine.

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