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1995 Honda SSM

Honda proudly displayed a new Pininfarina sports car concept called the SSM (Sport Study Model) during the 1996 Chicago Auto Show. The SSM’s power was supplied by a 2.0-liter five-cylinder VTEC engine, driving through a new electronic sequential-shift automatic gearbox derived from the NSX. It used NSX-style aluminum construction and ensured sharp handling through its front-engine/rear-drive layout: Honda claimed a perfect 50/50 weight distribution front-to-rear. One novel feature on the car was a central “spur,” which separated the driver’s and passenger’s compartments and significantly improved rigidity. The 2-seat cockpit had a wraparound instrument cluster, contoured bucket seats, and body-colored roll bars. Importantly, the SSM roadster predicted the shape of the future (2000) Honda S2000 production model.

Sources:; Auto Lemon

Images: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.