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1995 Fiat Barchetta Coupe by Maggiora

Coachbuilder Maggiora developed a very nice little two-seater Barchetta coupé. It looks like a real production model because Maggiora already manufactures the Barchetta. After Andreas Zapatinas had drawn the first sketches of the regular barchetta, he thought of a coupé, but Fiat Auto president Paolo Cantarella rejected this idea...

Maggiora's head of product development Alessandro Sopetti had the English two-seater coupés of the '60 and classic Italian cars in mind. In those years, coupés like the MGB-GT were derived from roadsters, unlike today. Because Maggiora does not have enough production capacity and Fiat already has a Coupé, this car will never hit the streets (which is a shame, really).


Images: Maggiora

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