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1994 Fiat Punto Racer by Bertone

A Bertone proposal for a coupé on a Fiat Punto base. Declared target: an Italian Tiger. Bertone intentionally abandoned aggregated styling solutions for this model to make the proposal more realistic and "feasible." In keeping with the research for synergic industrial feasibility, Bertone began the theme from the Punto Cabrio that the Bertone plant was already manufacturing.

The idea of ​​working with a single version of the car was inspired by a marketing strategy that had proved particularly successful for Fiat in the 1960s: accompanying the production series model with two derivatives, one open car and one with a coupé body. In line with this concept, Bertone came up with a coupé on Punto Cabrio chassis production, christening it the Racer. In 1966 he had used the same name for the coupé he had created from the 850 Spider. The Fiat Punto Racer was worked from the body structure of the tried and tested Punto Cabrio, and the result is a compact, dynamic coupé. The styling of the bodywork kept away from excessive novelty, which would have meant a redesign of important components. The Racer features a paneled roof and a few other essential elements designed to underline the car's sporting mission in a discreet but forceful way compared to the Cabrio model.

Source: Bertone

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