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1993 Sbarro Isatis

According to the dictionary, the Isatis is a blue fox living in the Arctic regions. According to Sbarro, Isatis is a nasty coupé that's familiar with the fox. The car shown here is students' work at the school design Sbarro for the year of study 1992-1993. Chevrolet Corvette comes to mind with its long hood and aggressive style.

Unfortunately, this is only a model not rolling, despite a superb BMW V12 engine. The Isatis offers some new ideas, like all counters located in the center of the steering wheel. The lights are placed on the mirrors, as the current Mercedes.

The names of students who designed and built the Isatis are registered under the hood. It includes Lazareth, which has created his own company making great quads, motorcycles, and mini pick-up V8! Only an exercise, the Isatis is a superb car, made for dreaming. The goal is reached, but there will always be a little disappointed watching this great show-car.


  • Engine: V12 BMW

  • Configuration: front

  • Displacement: 5379 cc (85 mm x 79 mm)

  • Power: 326 BHP @ 5800 rpm

  • Torque: 40.8 mkg @ 4500rpm

  • Transmission: rear-wheel drive


Images: Sbarro; Dingo

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