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1990 Nissan Gobi

The futuristic Gobi was released at the 1990 Detroit Auto Show and consisted of an egglike cocoon segmented into divided zones. Thus the "whole" is not a single boring shape. The driver's seat location is designed as an "orthopedically fitted work station," and the glovebox is a removable canvas bag attached via velcro. Typically wasted, space under the truck bed is used for four rubberized lockable storage compartments that hold skis, soda, camping equipment, and other items.

If you think entry-level trucks tend to be plain and bland, the Gobi will quickly change your mind. Nissan designers looked to the Bell helicopter for inspiration, and the chopper influence is quite evident in the pod-shaped cab and asymmetrical interior. Controls and instruments are grouped toward the driver, while passengers benefit from a spacious lounge-like area.

Nissan adds a bit of wit to the already-amusing overall shape by labeling outside storage compartments: "Things," “Stuff,” and “Odds and Ends.” Many cars and trucks are already equipped with a removable radio, but the Gobi goes one better by giving you a removable glovebox. Outback, a functional bed, uses folding corrugated side panels for easy loading and unloading. The Gobi may not fly, but unlike some airlines, the truck at least gets you and your luggage to the same destination at the same time.

Source:; Cliff Gromer "Trucks Dream Haulers" - Popular Mechanics, Sep 1990

Images: Nissan