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1989 Nissan Figaro Concept

The Figaro was introduced at the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show under the slogan "Back to the Future." It was built by a Nissan special projects group called Pike Factory, producing other niche automobiles such as the Be-1, Pao, and S-Cargo. Only four colors were available: Topaz Mist, Emerald Green, Pale Aqua, and Lapis Grey. The least popular was Topaz Mist, which has become the most sought-after version.

This popular design was released in 1989 and garnered such support Nissan built 10,000 units for 1991. Due to great demand, Nissan utilized a lottery to help determine who could purchase one.

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Images: Nissan

Pictured Above: 1989 Nissan Figaro Concept

Pictured Above: 1991 Nissan Figaro Production

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