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1984 Audi B12 80 Cw-Studie Prototype

A 1984 well-developed designed prototype resembles the B3 model code Audi 80 (designed by Pininfarina). Based on the previous generation B2 80, the Cw-Studie 80 featured a round front end with an inclined grille, flush windows, rounded windshield, singular side mirror (on the driver's side), wheel covers, flat underbody paneling, longer rear, and revised door handles. These subtle changes produced an impressive drag coefficient: just 0.198. The prototype was an advanced attempt by Audi to create more aerodynamic passenger vehicles in response to the Second Oil Shock of 1979. The prototype was powered by a 2.3-liter Inline 5 engine developing 136 Horsepower. The car was hidden from the public until the opening of the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt in 2000.

Source: No. 254 The Eurozone Crisis and Its Impact on Asia ....

Images: oldconceptcars