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1982 Pangolin GT Prototype

Engineered by the visionary Alexander Kulygin, the Pangolin GT Prototype emerged as a true one-of-a-kind marvel. This distinctive vehicle showcased Kulygin's determination to push the boundaries of automotive design within the constraints of the Soviet landscape. The prototype's very existence is a testament to the resilience of innovation, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Powered by a Lada 4-cylinder engine, the Pangolin GT Prototype boasted a spirited 62 horsepower, offering a taste of performance amid an era often associated with utilitarian automobiles. What set this prototype apart, however, was not just its power, but its unique design features. The car's sleek lines and unconventional styling elements were matched with a forward-thinking approach. It wasn't merely an assembly of parts; it was an embodiment of creative exploration in automotive engineering.

As time went on, Kulygin's vision continued to evolve. The prototype underwent modifications, gaining a targa-style roof opening and conventionally opening doors. These adaptations were a testament to Kulygin's commitment to refining his creation and integrating user-friendly features. The Pangolin GT Prototype became more than just a showpiece; it exemplified adaptability and a pursuit of excellence.

The Pangolin GT Prototype's story did not end with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Alexander Kulygin's journey took him to new shores, where he continued to channel his passion for automobiles. Emigrating to the United States, he ventured into producing kit cars based on the Pontiac Fiero platform. This transition marked a new chapter in his automotive legacy, showcasing his ability to adapt his skills to new contexts.

Tragically, Kulygin's journey was cut short by a fatal car crash in 2004. However, his legacy endures through his pioneering work on the Pangolin GT Prototype and his subsequent contributions to the automotive world.

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Source & Image: WeirdWheels; CarsThatNeverMadeItEtc

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